Hey there, I’m David Lohle; a programmer and systems administrator from NYC. I attended University at Buffalo, where I pursued a B.S. degree in computer science. I’m a dedicated, hard-working individual with a passion for software development and systems design. I have 7 years of experience working in IT, and write software in Python, Golang, Java, C, C++, and Swift.

Skills & Experience

I’ve worked with the following companies:

  • Pivotal Software (now VMware) (currently employed)
    • Solutions Architect, working with clients to deploy, upgrade, and scale their cloud platforms (Cloud Foundry, Kubernetes, etc.).
    • Work with client engineers to enable them in Agile/Extreme Programming (XP) methodologies.
    • Strong focus on bootstrapping a “Platform as a Product” practice, teaching clients how to engage their developers, understand their needs/wants, and improve the platform through User-centered Design (UCD).
  • Stark & Wayne
    • Cloud Architect, working with various IaaS and cloud application platforms to build and support large-scale apps.
    • Consult with various companies to design, build, and productize their cloud.
  • Northrop Grumman Amherst Systems
    • Collaborated with Amherst Systems for a senior design project, creating a webapp that allows for antenna placement and visualization.

I run various online services, such as:

  • File hosting - A temporary file host that allows for quick image and file sharing.
  • Minecraft multiplayer server - A voxel-based multiplayer game, built on the Spigot and Bungee API.
  • OpenVPN server - A VPN protocol that excels in bridging clients into local networks.
  • Starbound multiplayer server - Another adventure sandbox multiplayer game, running on the developer-provided multiplayer software.
  • TeamSpeak - A VoIP voice and IM chat server.
  • Terraria multiplayer server - An adventure sandbox multiplayer game that’s built on the TShock API.

I’ve been approached by various NYC small businesses, groups, and people for:

  • Web design - Ranging from CMS to online shopping and inventory availability.
    • Worked with Django, Drupal, Flask, Ghost, Hugo, Joomla, Node, WordPress and more.
  • Novel solutions - Finding low-cost answers for niche requests.
    • Ex: Using old, cheap Android phones to track equipment location (among others).
  • Phone systems - PBX setup and call routing.
    • Worked with Asterisk.
  • Tech support - Assisting diverse groups of people in helpdesk-tier support
    • Worked with Android, ChromeOS, iOS, macOS, RHEL, tvOS, Windows, Ubuntu and much, much more.


  • AlwaysOnlineRedux - A Bungee proxy plugin that caches user information to cross reference when Mojang authentication servers go down.
  • AutoDonorStatus - A Spigot/Bukkit plugin that automatically promotes users who donate.
  • BungeeBetterJoinMessages - A Bungee proxy plugin that broadcasts join messages to all networked servers when players login.
  • BetterFly - A Spigot/Bukkit plugin that enables users to fly with persistent state saving, and configuration options.
  • BungeeAFK - A Bungee proxy plugin that tracks user activity and broadcasts to all networked servers when players go AFK.
  • BungeeDeathMessages - A Bungee proxy plugin that broadcasts player death messages to all networked servers.
  • Direwolf20 1.7.10 Hotfixes - A collection of scripts to fix bugs within DW20 that could not be fixed via original source editing (due to licensing, availability, etc).
  • Plex Tracker - A Flask webapp that lets Plex server owners track what’s hosted, and allow users to request new content.
  • SHIELD - A data protection solution that schedules automatic backups for distributed, cloud-based services.
  • SparkBot - A Python-based assistant used with TeamSpeak and IPBoard to announce server status & close off-topic discussions.
  • Vis - A Flask webapp that was created to aid in visualing antenna placements for Northrop Grumman Amherst Systems.
  • YOURLS Tox Support - A YOURLS plugin that allows Tox ID shortening